Ion the Young Shuttle Project

Ion The Young Shuttle Project

Ion_the_Young_Shuttle_cover_ver7_close up

The Concept Phases

The amazingly talented Kielen King  reached out to me with an amazing story of a wonderful little shuttle who wanted to learn, explore and have fun. After hearing his passion for this character and his love of space (like my own) I knew I had to help him bring Ion to life.

Ion the Young Shuttle
Initial Client Sketch
Ion v2ch2
Character Reference Sheet

I wanted to give him various options on how we could bring Ion’s story to fruition. So I presented a few different texture feels and color schemes while trying to come with the best possible storytelling setting for Ion as the Kielen imagined him.

The Final Product of were the cover and two interior pages to start the Kickstarter with. I really imagine Ion’s world as a colorful adventurous place and I hope we get to explore it further real soon!

Ion’s Kickstarter can be found at



Interior Page
Interior Page
Final Logo.png
Ion the Young Shuttle Logotype created for the book
Icons for Ion.png
Icons Created for the book’s layout